Hello Cliff,

I want to thank you for the great work you have done in selling my boat. You have been extremely professional, done a great job in coordinating all the phases of the sale, updating us on the progression of the deal, interfacing with the finance company, synchronizing showings and sea trail with our captain. Really, it has been a great experience.
You gave me a much better understanding of what a broker can/should do and the real value of why paying a commission is for.
I will recommend you to my entourage and will definitely contact you for my next purchase.

Yves Lambert, Hatteras 80

I’ve done a lot of business with Frank Gordon over the years, and whether I was representing the buyer or the seller, Frank somehow made sure that at the end of the day everyone was happy.

That’s hard to do in today’s crazy world and just Frank seems to have a gift for getting people on the same page.

From the time of the initial offer, through the survey of the yacht and machinery, and even up to the day of delivery, Frank was there every step of the way to make sure the right thing happened for both the buyer and the seller.

He is a true professional and someone I am proud to call my friend.

Michael Joyce, CEO, Hargrave Custom Yachts

The broker I used is Frank Gordon Yachts. He has an interesting business model. He lists the boat on YachtWorld and potential buyers contact him. He emails the buyer’s contact info and you contact the buyer.

If the buyer comes to you thru Frank the fee is 5%, due upon sale of boat. If you find a buyer without Frank’s help the fee is zero.

If a broker contacts Frank on behalf of a potential buyer you have the option of showing the boat or not. If you sell with the other broker involved the fee is 10%. It is a very flexible plan.

We showed the boat to about 6 buyers, two of whom made offers which were 2k below asking. I also listed Sabbatical on BoatTrader and two other buying services before I went with Frank. They generated zero interest or calls. A total waste of time and money.

Boats in your price range, in my view, need to be listed on YachtWorld to get buyer exposure.

When the offer came Frank did great job of taking deposit and that sort of stuff. Both buyers seemed far more comfortable sending deposit to a broker than directly to me.

Good luck,


I’ve known Frank Gordon since 1978. In that time I’ve bought AND sold 4 Hatterases and one Donzi/Roscioli through Frank. I can assure you that a rarely used word “honorable” applies to him. Also, having been involved in boating all my life (I’m 75) if you want the job done right and expeditiously, leave it to the professionals.

Thank you

Eric Schaumloffel

Listed my 2023 Cooper Marine 63’ 149 passenger commercial boat with Mike Grysko. Was very happy with the outcome of listing with them. He worked very hard and you could count on him. He has a long list of buyers that he is not afraid to cold call to sell a boat to. The person who ended up buying the boat was as Mike explained the perfect company for the boat. He had the boat under contract right away. I will definitely use Mike and Frank Gordon yachts as they have years of experience and will get your boat sold. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Thank you

David Sherman

Patient, professional, warm and attentive. Those are words that come to mind as we reflect on our experience working with Frank Gordon. Our transaction presented complications of foreign ownership and currencies along with a host of unique nuances in the Purchase Agreement. At all times, Frank made himself available and brought creative solutions and a strong support team to the table. It’s been a pleasure working with Frank and we cannot recommend his services highly enough!

Lance and Cori Bryson

Frank Gordon is one of the most sincere, caring humbling brokers I have ever met. Yet he knows how to get a boat sold. We have dealt with brokers in the past. They don’t compare to Mr. Gordon. Not only was he our broker, he became a very good dear friend. So besides selling our boat we gained a friend. There aren’t enough words to express his professionalism and honesty. He truly cares about each boat that he lists.